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Problems caused by fear

Adolescent may suffer from many fears that make him an anxious and unstable individual, and these fears may be from parents at home and teachers at school, in addition to the fear of academic failure and fear of failure, and the teenager also shows resistance to fears resulting from economic problems, religious emptiness, and outlook Abnormalities of society and friends that appear ridicule and contempt and remorse over some mistakes that were committed, such as cheating on exams or abusing others, in addition to all the negative feelings and feelings resulting from pent-up sexual desire, and the pursuit of It continues to complete independence and freedom, and as a result of all this imbalance in psychological and subjective harmony and consequently the inability to achieve reaching the required level of balance, and thus the teenager becomes a reckless and emotional individual, or he may become a withdrawing person isolated and aggressive, and the variance of the adolescent's responses depends on the proper methods of Islamic formation. And healthy.

The problem of psychological incompatibility

The problem of psychological incompatibility is one of the most important and most serious problems that a teenager can be exposed to, which makes him frustrated and agitated, and results in many negative emotions such as crying and sadness, anxiety, constant distress, absence of stability and safety, and the severity of excessive emotional responses, in addition to not Relationships with others are stable and volatile, and the foregoing results in the loss of a sense of his role in life, his feeling of emptiness, isolation, and unity, lack of balance and emotional isolation, emotional lack, and a constant feeling that his life is threatened by diseases and wars, and all kinds of mothers T with the absence of a protected.

The dysfunction in psychological compatibility affects negatively and directly on other forms of harmony, such as social, educational, and organic compatibility. What is required at this stage is to achieve a state of self-balance, psychological, social and emotional balance through the level of social and family level, and training in the processes of normalization and adaptation, The more a teenager is able to understand and accept himself, the more he is able to adapt and conform to the self and the environment.

External problems

Adolescence differs from one person to another according to cultural and civilizational differences and the geographical environment in addition to the clear impact of values, religions and beliefs. The adolescent in rural society differs from the adolescent in free society, so these differences appear in the level of meeting the different needs and opportunities available to satisfy them, as well as the adolescent stage is influenced by experiences The precedent that the individual went through in childhood, then adolescence is the result of a series of environmental, cultural and civilizational stimuli. The environmental teenager's external problems can be explained by the following:
The relationship of the individual with the family: it usually appears in what is called the conflict of generations and the difference in views. Usually, the adolescent's conflict with the family is about study and how to fill in free time and waste time in what is not beneficial, and the academic failure and failure to perform homework and school duties, and this intensity of conflict is intensified at desire Individuals are completely independent from the family and rebel against the authority of the parents.
The relationship of the individual with society: It is assumed that the relationship of the individual with his community is based on mutual understanding, giving, openness to new social experiences and experiences and interacting with them positively, and it appears thus that proper formation that relies on politeness, awareness and assistance to adapt, and any dysfunction that affects one of the elements The interactive process between the individual and society results from the presence of a disruption in the process of social compatibility of the individual, which leads him to isolation, withdrawal, convergence, and the generation of negative feelings towards others.